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Fleuron – A silent flash drive copier in python


Fleuron is a silent flash drive copier. When a flash drive is connected, Fleuron automatically starts copying the data with a Breadth First Search algorithm. In this way, the root directories are copied first and as time passes, deeper directories are copied. Fleuron also randomly stops for random amounts of seconds to allow the drive to be safely removed and to avoid detection. Fleuron can be used for data backup, flash synchronization and undetectable data copying.

Download Fleuron ver 0.2

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Translate a word from the omnibox – A chrome extension


This is a simple chrome extension I wrote recently in my spare time, and thought maybe I should share it. The plugin is called “Dephine” and it adds the “def” keyword to google chrome’s address bar, so for example if you type “def [a-word]” in the address bar (without the symbols of course) and hit enter it will automatically take you to google’s translate page for that word or phrase. You can change its destination language from its options page. Basically it provides a fast way to find the meaning of an English word for your language. Like always, feedback is welcomed.

Download Dephine ver 0.1

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